My Thoughts on Chronic Pain 


Chronic pain, whether it is the result of illness or injury, impacts every aspect of your life. It can affect your mood, self-esteem, self-confidence, spirituality, sexuality and productivity. Personal and professional relationships are strained. In addition to the pain itself, your condition can make day-to-day life a challenge.


Although the pain is powerful, remember, so are you! You are more than just a victim of pain! You are a whole person and you deserve to have healthy relationships, experience joy again, find renewed hope AND peace, to have balance and, most importantly, to be understood!


I can’t promise to eliminate the pain, but together we can make enormous improvements in your life! You can be in charge again! You work with your doctors to focus on the medical aspects of your condition. You and I can work together to focus on the LIFE aspects of your condition!


This is how:

·         Learn powerful techniques to get you through painful episodes.

·         Reduce conflict and increase harmony in relationships.

·         Gain support, cooperation and encouragement through healthy relationships.

·         Learn to manage your mood and function on an even keel.

·         Resolve the question “Why me?”

·         Find ways to accept your current situation without giving up hope for healing.

·         Redefine “normal” for yourself and for your life.

·        Assert yourself and be the powerful person you are meant to be!


If you’re ready to improve your quality of life, let’s explore the possibilities!


I provide traditional face-to-face counseling in Monrovia and West Covina, California, and phone and internet counseling for people anywhere.


Contact me through my confidential message center at (626) 320-1050 or by email at


Individual, couples, family and group counseling is available.


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